“An author is only useful if people read, otherwise knowledge dies with the author.” — Troy Colston, RN

International Association of African Authors & Scholars (IAAAS) is a non-profit association. Our authors interact, network, and discuss our passion, achievement, and advancement in writing for individual development and nation-building, publishing, sales, and book fairs.

Authors are welcome with annual membership registration and will be included on our list with their book titles, website addresses, and other contact details. We also assist the less privileged with educational materials and give out scholarships.

Join our growing list of authors and scholars and help in the quest to promote our brands and develop individuals. Get involved in our collective knowledge for nation-building through excellence in leadership.


We aim to promote enduring literacy through writing and book reading so that everyone can enjoy their journey of exploring the diversity of other cultures along with their friends and family.


We want to inspire individuals to take pride in their heritage when they read books written by African authors.

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